October 16, 2012 at 7:00 p.m.

CSISD Board Room 



President Valerie Jochen called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. and declared a quorum was present with seven members present.



In attendance were President Valerie Jochen, Vice President Paul Dorsett, Secretary Jeff Harris and Trustees Kimberly McAdams, Carol Barrett, Garland Watson and Randall Pitcock. 



C-1.  Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag and the Texas Flag, and a Moment of Silence

Superintendent Eddie Coulson recognized Oliver Hadnot, Principal of College Station Middle School and Principal Nkrumah Dixon, Principal of A&M Consolidated High School.  Principal Hadnot introduced Brady Gillum and Principal Dixon introduced Emory Cook.  The students led the audience in the pledges and the moment of silence.


C-2.  Students

Congratulations to National Merit Semi-Finalists:  Williams Bonds, Kaley Brauer, Brooke Cohen, Deyu Deng, Emma Ford, Viivi Jarvi, Viija Jarvi, Alec Lindner, Jeana Nam, Janet Ni, Megan Nicholson, Kensen Shi, Tiffany Wu, Amanda Yang, and Kelly Zhou.


C-3.  Recognize artwork provided by CSISD students

Student artwork adorned the Board Room walls and was enjoyed by all.



Agenda Item E – BOARD – Agenda E-3:  Consideration, discussion and possible action related to changing the November Board Meeting date to Monday, November 19, 2012; Agenda Item G – APPROVAL OF MINUTES – September 18, 2012 Workshop minutes and September 18, 2012 Regular Board Meeting minutes; Agenda Item J –BUSINESS: Agenda Item J-3:  Consider approval of the Annual Maintenance and Support Agreement with Hewlett Packard hardware maintenance and software support in the amount of $61,578.00;  Agenda Item J-4:  Consider approval of the 2012 tax roll; Agenda Item J-5:  Consider approval of monthly Head Start financial statements and credit card expenditures; Agenda Item J-6:  Consider approval of Monthly Budget Amendments; Agenda Item J-7:  Consider approval of Monthly Financial Reports


MOTION 4425:  I move approval of the consent agenda as presented.  The motion was made by Trustee Randall Pitcock and seconded Vice President Paul Dorsett.  The motion passed with seven and zero nos. 



E-1.  Board Directions and Reports/Announcements/Superintendent Reports and Announcements

Trustee Randall Pitcock reported related to “50 Men Who Can Cook”.


Vice President Paul Dorsett reported that DEIC has met and reviewed calendar options for 2012-2013.


Trustee Kimberly McAdams reported that the Audit Committee has met and looked at preliminary information related to the audit process.


Trustee Randall Pitcock reported that PAC has met and is discussing receipt of gift cards as income.


Superintendent Eddie Coulson reported that CSISD is working with Texas High Performance School Consortium.  The Consortium consists of 22 other districts and our task is to develop alter accountability standards.  Also, CSISD is part of the Texas Fast Growth Coalition which consists of the 100 fastest growing districts in the State, and the Texas Schools Coalition.


CSISD will have early release for students on 10/31/12.  Also, the November Board Meeting will be rescheduled for Monday, November 19, 2012 due to the Thanksgiving Holidays.


E-2.  Consideration, discussion and possible action related to the CSISD Superintendent contract

This agenda item was moved to the Executive Session.


F.  HEARING OF CITIZENS (Non-Agenda/Agenda Items)




H-1.  Consideration, discussion and possible action related to fiscal policies for Birth-to-Five Head Start

Superintendent Eddie Coulson recognized Director Sharon Jackson who reported to the Trustees related to the required board approvals for fiscal policies, 2012.  The Head Start Program Performance Standards require the participation of the CSISD Board of Trustees as the governing body of the program to approve fiscal policies for the program.  These policies have been developed from both federal regulations and the reporting requirements of the school district from the Texas Education Agency.  The processes are well researched and efficient in meeting the needs of the program, in accomplishing the steps involved in serving families and children and meet the requirements of reasonableness and allowability.  The Coordinated Fiscal Policies were reviewed.


MOTION 4426:  I move approval of the College Station Independent School District Business Services/Birth to Five Head Start Program Coordinated Fiscal Policies, as presented.  The motion was made by Trustee Garland Watson and seconded by Trustee Randall Pitcock.  The motion carried with seven ayes and zero nos.


H-2.  Receive report from Shawna McDermott, Fabio Avila, and Makala Gerland regarding the 2011 CSISD Education Foundation grant iTouch, iPad, iLearn for Success

The Trustees received a report from Shawna McDermott, Fabio Avila, and Makala Gerland, Oakwood teachers, regarding the 2011 CSISD Education grant iTouch, iPad, iLearn for Success. 






J-1.  Receive the 2012 final quarter investment report and the 2012 Annual Investment Report, both ending August 31, 2012

Superintendent Eddie Coulson recognized Deputy Superintendent Glynn Walker who reported to the Trustees that the Public Funds Investment Act (The Act) requires that the Superintendent and Board of Trustees receive a quarterly and an annual report of all District investments.  The reports fulfill the law and district policy regarding investment of public funds.  Further requirements require the District’s investment officers to meet continuing education requirements and the report shows that investment officers meet the terms of these continuing requirements.


J-2.  Consider adoption of the Resolution stating that the Board of Trustees has reviewed the district’s investment Policy and Investment Strategies

Deputy Superintendent Glynn Walker reported that the Public Funds Investment Act requires the governing body of an investing entity to review its investment policy and investment strategies not less than annually.  The Act also requires the governing body to adopt a written instrument by rule, order, ordinance, or resolution stating that it has reviewed the investment policy and investment strategies.  The adopted written instrument must record any changes made to either the investment policy or investment strategies.  There are no changes recommended for adoption to the investment policy and investment strategies. 


MOTION 4427:  I move approval of the Resolution Related to Review of Investment Policy and Investment strategies, as approved.  The motion was made by Secretary Jeff Harris and seconded by Trustee Randall Pitcock.  The motion passed with seven ayes and zero nos.






L-1.  The Board met in executive session to discuss the Superintendent Contract.  The executive session deliberations will be held pursuant to the “Personnel Matters; Closed Meeting” exception to the Texas Open Meetings Act as set forth in Section 551.074 of the Texas Government Code.

The Board went into Executive Session at 7:50 p.m.



The Board returned to Open Session at 8:30 p.m.


MOTION 4428:  I move to extend the Superintendent’s Contract by one (1) year, increase salary 1.5 percent, and add a section 5.10 to add a concept similar to 5.9 for an additional $10,000 amount with vesting to be extended three (3) years.  The motion was made by Vice President Paul Dorsett and seconded by Trustee Randall Pitcock.  The motion passed with seven ayes and zero nos.  



Without objection, President Valerie Jochen adjourned the meeting 8:30 p.m.




PRESIDENT                                                             SECRETARY