April 19, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.

CSISD Board Room 



President Randall Pitcock called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and declared a quorum was present with seven members present.



In attendance were President Randall Pitcock, Vice President Valerie Jochen, Secretary Paul Dorsett, Trustees Charlotte Slack, Garland Watson, Carol Barrett and Jeff Harris. 



C-1.  Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag and the Texas Flag, and a Moment of Silence

Superintendent Eddie Coulson recognized Southwood Valley Elementary Principal Kristiana Hamilton who introduced students John Adams, Kerrigan Derrick, and Peyton Woods.  The students led the audience in the pledges and the moment of silence.


C-2.  Schools

a.  Title I Distinguished Performance Award

Joe Martin with Education Regional Service Center VI recognized Jane Rankin, Principal of College Hills Elementary, and presented her with a Title I Distinguished Performance Award for her campus.  College Hills is being recognized by the No Child Left Behind coordinated program of Texas Education Agency.  College Hills qualified for the award by:  being a Title I campus for 3 consecutive years, serving at least 40% Free and Reduced students; meeting AYP for 2009-2010; being rated Exemplary for 2010, Recognized for 2009, and Exemplary or Recognized for 2008.  College Hills Elementary is one of 38 campuses in Region VI to receive this award.


C-3.  Staff

a.  Dean’s Roundtable

Each spring, Texas A&M College of Education and Human Development hosts the Dean’s Roundtable to recognize the lifelong contributions of approximately 20 dedicated educators and staff.  Honored are Mike Martindale – Principal of College Station High School and Margie Martinez – Principal of Timber Academy.


C-4.  Students

a.  ACT Perfect Score

The ACT consists of tests in English, mathematics, reading and science.  Each test is scored on a scale of 1-36, and a student’s composite score is the average of the four test scores.  Approximately 588 test takers out of the 1.6 million in the 2010 high school graduating class earned a composite score of 36.  Congratulations to Kyle Campbell, student at AMC High School.


b.  Business Professionals of America National Qualifiers – Sponsors Kathy Fisher, Terri Casto, Dianne Rister, and Chris Fox

Two A&M Consolidated High School students qualified for the Business Professionals of America national competition by excelling at the state conference held in Fort Worth recently.  Congratulations to:  P.J. Huang – Human Resource Mangement and Adam Wang – C++ Programming.


c.  SkillsUSA National Qualifiers – Coaches Scott Faulk, Barbara Klein, and Bart Taylor

Four A&M Consolidated students qualified to advance to the national competition of SkillsUSA.  Congratulations to:  Taylor Gade – Radio Audio Production; Travis Knight – Radio Audio Production; Tyler Tesch – Computer Programming; Adam Wang – Computer Programming.


C-5.  Recognize Campus Artwork provided by students from Southwood Valley Elementary taught by Art Teacher Sharon Holt

Student artwork adorned the Board Room walls and was enjoyed by all.



Agenda Item E – BOARD:   Agenda Item E-2:  Consider approval of the Resolution appointing the Election Officials for the May 14, 2011 General Election; Agenda Item G – APPROVAL OF MINUTES – March 22, 2011 Workshop minutes, March 22, 2011 Regular Board Meeting minutes; Agenda Item H – CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION:  Agenda Item H-3:  Consider approval of Policy DC Local;  Agenda Item I – PERSONNEL:  Agenda Item I-1:  Consider approval of Resignations; Agenda Item I-2:  Consider approval of Employments;  Agenda Item J - BUSINESS:   Agenda Item J-4:  Consider approval of Board Resolution Extending the CSISD Depository Contract to CitiBank for the fiscal years 2011-2013; Agenda Item J-5:  Consider approval of the purchase of a Paging/Intercom/Bell and Clock Communications System for Greens Prairie Elementary; Agenda Item J-6:  Consider approval of Request for Proposals (RFP) #11-011 for paint and paint supplies; Agenda Item J-8:  Consider approval of Monthly Budget Amendments; Agenda Item J-9:  Consider approval of Monthly Financial Reports; Agenda Item K – ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES:  Agenda Item K-2:  Consider approval of a Release of Joint Development Agreement by the Board of Trustees of College Station Independent School District (“CSISD”), terminating a Joint Development Agreement by and between SISD, Gary Seaback, and the Barron Road Meadows, L.P.; Agenda Item K-3:  Consider approval of a Release of Easement by the Board of Trustees of College Station Independent School District, releasing an easement granted to College Station Independent School District by Gary Seaback and Barron Road Meadows, LP.; Agenda Item K-4:  Consider approval of an amendment to the current Interlocal Agreement with the City of College Station  for School Resource Officers.


MOTION 4351:  I move approval of the Consent Agenda, as presented.  The motion was made by Trustee Charlotte Slack and seconded by Secretary Paul Dorsett.  The motion passed with seven ayes and zero nos. 



E-1.  Board Directions and Reports/Announcements/Superintendent Reports and Announcements

Trustee Charlotte Slack announced that Leadership TASB applications are due 5/1/11 and she wanted to encourage members of the CSISD School Board to seriously consider the program.


Vice President Valerie Jochen reported that she attended the PAC meeting where the CSISD budget and employee awards were discussed.


Trustee Jeff Harris reported that he had attended DEIC and the NASA Mission X event was awesome!


President Randall Pitcock reported that although the Wolf Pen TIFF timetable has expired, the committee met and discussed the fact that the bids for the water feature came in high, but decided to move forward with completion of the project.


Superintendent Eddie Coulson reminded everyone of the May 14th Election for School Board Trustees and reported that the May Board Meeting on May 17, 2011 will be held at Grace Bible Church Southwood – across from the high school campus.


F.  HEARING OF CITIZENS (Non-Agenda/Agenda Items)




H-1.  Consider approval of the 2011-2012 District Improvement Plan

Deputy Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction Greg McIntyre reported to the Board of Trustees related to the proposed 2011-2012 District Improvement Plan.  The new features of the plan are:  the version is half the length of last year’s plan; there are evaluation statements for each goal (last year’s plan had evaluation statements for goals 1 and 2); Objectives, activities, and evaluation statements are bundled together; Bundling the statements better reflects the interaction of the components; Leading indicators (such as grades and discipline) are addressed in the evaluation statements; A simpler numbering system for the activity statements.  Key Activities include:

·         Clear, compelling instructional focus – this activity statement leads the way for Campus Improvement Plans;

·         Leading indicators – discipline, grades, and attendance data;

·         School health advisory council – their work led the way to NASA Mission X and other initiatives;

·         Online learning support for DAEP – a look at additional instructional delivery methods;

·         Actively communicate – a communications plan which delineates internal and external communication channels;

·         Safety audit recommendations – past recommendations led us to items such as Raptor, construction of security vestibules, etc.


MOTION 4352:  I move approval of the 2011-2012 District Improvement Plan, as presented.  The motion was made by Vice President Valerie Jochen and seconded by Trustee Charlotte Slack.  The motion passed with seven ayes and zero nos.


H-2.  Receive annual report from SHAC (School Health Advisory Council)

Deputy Superintendent Greg McIntyre introduced Theresa Manthei, Chairman of SHAC, who presented the annual report to the Board of Trustees related to SHAC.  The School Health Advisory Council is required to annually report a detailed account of their activities and recommendations to the school board.  Members of the council include community health professionals, community health agency officials, district teachers and administrators, district child nutrition staff, district nursing staff, and parents.  This year the council heard reports on different activities promoting healthy lifestyles in the school district and surrounding community.  These activities included:  Healthier US Schools Challenge, Standing Desk Initiative, Umbrella Partnerships-BE Active in our Town (UP-BEAT) Project, and NASA Mission X:  Train Like an Astronaut (an international fitness and nutrition challenge).  The council also reviewed the results of the Health Services section of the School Health Index Survey.


The SHAC committee determined no new recommendations for the 2011-2012 school year.  The committee would like to continue support of the three areas addressed last year:

·         Elementary health TEKS integrated into the science and social studies curricula

·         Coordinated Approach to Child Heath (CATCH) Program in middle school physical education and health classes

·         Child Nutrition Department changes to the school lunch menu



J-1.  Consider approval of the purchase of internet service from Suddenlink for $78,000 per year

Deputy Superintendent for Human Resources and Business Glynn Walker reported that Request for Proposal for Internet Service for CSISD was advertised and posted according to state law and local policy.  Suddenlink responded with a bid of $78,000 per year, which is less than the current year expense for internet service.  This bid also includes increasing internet bandwidth for the district.  AT&T and Verizon also rec eived the RFP but chose not to present a bid.


MOTION 4353:  I move approval of the purchase of internet service from Suddenlink for $78,000 per year, as presented.  The motion was made by Trustee Jeff Harris and seconded by Secretary Paul Dorsett.  The motion passed with seven ayes and zero nos.


J-2.  Consider approval of the purchase and installation of fire sprinkler system for Southwood Valley Elementary from Quad-Tex Construction

Deputy Superintendent Glynn Walker reported that Request for Competitive Sealed Proposals (RFCSP) for Fire Sprinkler System at Southwood Valley Elementary was issued by VLK Architects to area plan rooms on March 15, 2011 and advertised according to state law and local policy.  Quad-Tex Construction responded with a bid.  Quad-Tex Construction is a local general contractor who will utilize local subcontractors to complete this project.  This is a planned expenditure from the 2007 bond funds.


MOTION 4354:  I move approval of the purchase and installation of fire sprinkler system for Southwood Valley Elementary from Quad-Tex Construction, as presented.  The motion was made by Vice President Valerie Jochen and seconded by Trustee Charlotte Slack.  The motion passed with seven ayes and zero nos. 


J-3.  Consider approval of the purchase of carpet and installation for AMC High School from Kellen Commercial Interiors for $199,951   

Deputy Superintendent Glynn Walker reported that the Request for Competitive Sealed Proposals for carpet at A&M Consolidated High School were mailed to five contractors, posted on the district website and advertised according to state law and local policy.  This is a planned expenditure from the 2007 bond funds.


MOTION 4355:  I move approval of the purchase of carpet and installation for AMC High School from Kellen Commercial Interiors for $199,951, as presented.  The motion was made by Trustee Jeff Harris and seconded by Trustee Carol Barrett.  The motion passed with seven ayes and zero nos. 



K-1.  Receive Report related to Child Nutrition Services

Clark Ealy, Deputy Superintendent for Administrative Services, recognized Diane Dahm, Director for Child Nutrition Services, who presented information to the Board Trustees related to CSISD Child Nutrition Services.  The goals of the CSISD Child Nutrition is:  build healthy minds and bodies through child nutrition, provide students with quality meals at a reasonable price, follow dietary guidelines provided by USDA (United State Department of Agriculture) and TDA (Texas Department of Agriculture.)  Child Nutrition Services operates the National School Breakfast and School Lunch Programs, participates in Summer Feeding Program, provides catering for district needs, and manages vending machines within district buildings.


The department operates the National School Breakfast and School Lunch Programs in accordance with USDA and TDA guidelines, prepares and services approximately 1600 breakfasts and 6300 lunches each day.  Under terms of agreement each district must:  serve lunch and/or breakfast that meets meal requirements, provide meals to all children, provide free and reduced-price meals to eligible children, accept and use USDA food commodities, maintain proper sanitation standards, comply with record keeping requirements, comply with financial requirements and provisions, and operate the program on a nonprofit basis.


Healthier versions of children’s favorite foods are developed for school meals.  Most of the items on our menu are low-fat or while grain versions of familiar foods that are baked or steamed instead of fried.  Portion sizes of high fat content foods are controlled to fit a healthy diet.  A voluntary national certification to recognize schools that are creating healthier school environments through their promotion of good nutrition, physical activity and nutrition education is the Healthier US School Challenge.  Elementary menu for 2010-2011 meets the criteria by offering:  a different vegetable each day and increasing dark green and orange vegetables and legumes, a different fruit each day, and a whole grain food each day.  Substitutions are made for students with a doctor’s note stating they have special dietary needs.  This may require texture change, watching food allergies or writing an entire special menu.  Currently CSISD has 10 students on a specialized menu such as gluten free, soy free or casein free.


The Summer Feeding Program began during the summer of 2010.  Meals are free to any child age 2-18 and are served at three feeding sites:  Head Start/ESL Summer School, Campus-June, Lincoln Center – June to August, Windsor Pointe – June to August.  Last summer 2,238 breakfasts and 12,868 lunches were served.  Nutrition Education includes classroom nutrition lessons and CATCH program coordinated with PE teachers – Bulletin boards each 6 weeks.


Child Nutrition operates on a non-profit basis.  Half our revenue is federal money received for each student meal served.  Current lunch reimbursement rates are:  $2.72 for each free meal, $2.32 for reduced meal, and $0.26 for paid meal.  Half our revenue comes from food purchases.  Expenses paid with Child Nutrition Funds are:  food and non-food supplies, labor (salary and benefits such as insurance, retirement), staff training and development, equipment repair and replacement, cash registers, computers and printers, smallwares – pans, serving utensils, lunch trays, pest control services and utilities.  Any profit is put back into the Child Nutrition program. 


Upcoming changes to the Program through the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 include for the 2011-2012 school year – milk will be 1% or skim unflavored, flavored milk must be skim, drinking water must be available in the area where meals are served at no cost for all students, and paid student price must gradually increase to no less than the difference between the reimbursement for free lunch and the reimbursement for a paid lunch.  During the 2012-2013 school year, menu requirements to change are:  final changes to be announced by Fall 2011, minimum and maximum calories for meals, and sodium level reduced gradually over a 10 year period.


Challenges for Child Nutrition are:  balancing student preferences, good nutrition and food costs; feeding many students in a short amount of time while maintaining good customer service; forecasting amount of food to prepare each day; meeting new federal guidelines within budgetary constraints.  



L-1.  The Board will meet in executive session to discuss the Superintendent Quarterly Review.  The executive session deliberations will be held pursuant to the “Personnel Matters; Closed Meeting” exception to the Texas Open Meetings Act as set forth in Section 551.074 of the Texas Government Code

The Board moved into Executive Session at 8:20 p.m.



The Board returned to Open Session at 9:25 p.m.



Without objection, President Pitcock adjourned the meeting at 9:25 p.m.



RANDALL PITCOCK                                              PAUL DORSETT


RANDALL PITCOCK                                              PAUL DORSETT

PRESIDENT                                                             SECRETARY