November 16, 2010 at 5:00 p.m.

CSISD Transportation Center



President Randall Pitcock called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m. and declared a quorum was present with seven members present.



In attendance were President Randall Pitcock, Vice President Valerie Jochen, Secretary Paul Dorsett, and Trustees Carol Barrett, Charlotte Slack, Garland Watson and Jeff Harris. 



C-1.  Consideration, discussion and possible action related to Board communication with campuses (5 minutes)

Superintendent Eddie Coulson recognized Director of Communications Chuck Glenewinkel who reported that the “Campus of the Month” effort is going well.  The next faculty meeting(s) will be on Tuesday, December 7, 2010 at 3:30 p.m. at College Hills Elementary School.  Trustee Charlotte Slack will represent the board at that meeting.


C-2.  Consideration, discussion and possible action related to University Interscholastic league for CSISD beginning with the 2012-2013 school year (45 minutes)

Superintendent Eddie Coulson recognized Deputy Superintendent Clark Ealy who presented information and led the discussion related to University Interscholastic League for CSISD beginning with the 2012-2013 school year.  UIL governs Music – Marching Band, Concert and Sigh Reading, Wind Ensemble, Texas State Solo Ensemble, Academics – One-act Play, Number Sense, Lincoln Douglass Debate, etc., and Athletics – Individual sports and Team sports.  UIL will be realigned for Fall 2012, which corresponds with the opening of College Station High School.  UIL alignments last for two years.  College Station High School will open with 9th and 10th graders, bringing the Junior class in the second year of the alignment.  The administration has examined the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules (CCR), looked at all the schools who are opening this year (2010), the first year of a two-year realignment (12 schools), and schools opening with more than 9th and 10th graders.  Options for individual sports as well as team sports has been researched and studied.  Decisions about sports do not affect UIL academics, marching band, one-act play, etc.  All of these activities would be able to compete at the highest level, no matter what choice we make for athletics.  Discussion occurred. 


C-3.  Consideration, discussion and possible action related to the 2011-2012 calendar options (10 minutes)

Superintendent Coulson recognized Deputy Superintendent Clark Ealy who reviewed the calendar selection process with the Trustees.  The DEIC calendar subcommittee has developed four calendar options.  After getting feedback from parents, etc., DEIC decided on 3 of the 4 options as finalists.  The options are on the CSISD website for feedback through December 2010.  Discussion occurred.


C-4.  Consideration, discussion and possible action related to the CSISD Financial Outlook (20 minutes)

Superintendent Coulson recognized Deputy Superintendent Glynn Walker who reported to the Board related to the CSISD Financial Outlook.  Discussion occurred.


C-5.  Consideration, discussion and possible action related to CSISD policies and procedures regarding bullying and sexual harassment (15 minutes)

Superintendent Coulson recognized Director for Student Services Chrissy Hester who answered questions and led discussion related to issues of bullying and sexual harassment.  The goal for CSISD is to have an environment conducive to student learning and a great work environment for every employee and student.  Discussion occurred related to board policy, student code of conduct, and parent communication.  Administration’s goal at workshop is to put policies in place that have been developed very diligently.  The policies have been designed to address anyone who feels they are being harassed or bullied.  


C-6.  Consideration, discussion and possible action related to the CSISD Legislative Priorities (10 minutes)

Superintendent Coulson led discussion and distributed draft information related to legislative priorities.  The ad hoc committee – Randall Pitcock, Charlotte Slack, and Paul Dorsett – is seeking feedback from colleagues related to legislative priorities.


Areas of interest are School Finance Flexibility, and under this topic CSISD recommends that assuming the current school finance system remains, school districts should be allowed to levy maintenance and operations taxes up to $1.20 with no portion of the tax being recaptured.  Also, to provide school districts flexibility by relaxing the 22:1 elementary class size requirement for all districts that are acceptable, recognized or exemplary.  CSISD also recommends that the State not mandate salary increases for any school district employee.    


In the area of Operational Flexibility CSISD recommends that local school boards should have the discretion to set school calendars that meet the needs of the local community and as such, school districts should be allowed to begin the school year prior to the fourth Monday in August.  Also, CSISD recommends that since state law allows for districts to establish Home Rule Charters;  however, due to the prohibitive requirements of the rules, no district in the state has established a Home Rule Charter.  Relax the restrictive requirements for districts to establish Home Rule Charters.


In the area of Accountability CSISD recommends that the state should delay the implementation of the STAAR and End of Course exams until such a time that the appropriate funding can be provided to school districts.  CSISD also recommends to begin testing a statewide random sampling (as opposed to all students in grade 3-11 in math, reading, English/Language Arts, science and social studies.


Discussion occurred.


President Pitcock recessed the workshop at 6:55 p.m.

The workshop was resumed at 8:00 p.m.


C-7.  Tour of Facility

Superintendent Coulson and Hector Silva, Director of Transportation Services, led the Trustees on a walking tour of the Transportation facility.



Without objection, President Pitcock adjourned the workshop at 8:15 p.m.





RANDALL PITCOCK                                              PAUL DORSETT                                        

RANDALL PITCOCK                                              PAUL DORSETT

PRESIDENT                                                             SECRETARY