July 19, 2011 at 5:00 p.m.

Administration Conference Room



President Valerie Jochen called the meeting to order at 5:03 p.m. and declared a quorum was present with six members present.



In attendance were President Valerie Jochen, Vice President Paul Dorsett, Secretary Jeff Harris, Trustees Randall Pitcock, Carol Barrett and Garland Watson. Trustee Kimberly McAdams was absent.



C-1. Discuss the CSISD Board of Trustees Core Beliefs and Commitments

Superintendent Eddie Coulson led discussion related to Core Beliefs and Commitments. In considering those, discussion occurred related to whether or not the district does a good job putting funds toward programs in CSISD that are priorities. Much discussion occurred.


C-2. Discussion related to CSISD Employee Salary and Benefits

Superintendent Coulson led a discussion relating to the 2011-2012 budget proposal pertaining to potential salary and benefit increases for CSISD employees. Salary increases were not recommended to the board. However, in consideration of rising insurance costs, the board discussed the merits of a $38 per month increase in health insurance contributions. The most common plan for employee-only insurance is increasing $38 per month. If approved, this increase would add approximately $570,000 to the 2011-2012 CSISD budget. Discussion occurred


C-3. Discuss the 2011-2012 Budget draft

Superintendent Coulson recognized Deputy Superintendent for Human Resources and Business Services Glynn Walker. Mr. Walker reported that, with the recent passing of the funding bill by the state legislature, CSISD is projected to receive about six percent less per student for 2011-2012, which is an estimated $4.7 million less than CSISD would have received under the 2010-2011 funding system. CSISD has reduced its spending for 2011-2012 by more than $2.7 million through personnel attrition and reassignments. CSISD will draw from its $29 million-plus fund balance to cover the remaining deficit. Discussion occurred.


C-4. Discuss GASB 54 resolution related to fund balances

Superintendent Coulson recognized Deputy Superintendent Glynn Walker who reported related to Governmental Accounting Standards Board Resolution to allow for CSISD to publicly designate funds for future needs. Discussion occurred.


C-5. Consideration, discussion and possible action related to EHBB Local CSISD Gifted and Talented Program

President Jochen asked if this item could be handled in a different manner to inform the board in consideration of the time. Superintendent Coulson will send the proposed changes in policy to the trustees through the weekly transmittal. He further explained that the changes are cosmetic in nature.


C-6. Receive 2007 and 2009 Bond Update

Superintendent Coulson recognized Deputy Superintendent for Administrative Services Clark Ealy, who reported to the Trustees regarding construction as they pertain to the 2007 and 2009 bond packages.


CSISD is adding six classrooms and a bus lane at Oakwood Intermediate as well as six classrooms and a bus canopy at A&M Consolidated Middle School. Both projects are on schedule and under budget. Both projects are being funded through savings and earned interest from the 2007 bond funds and both projects will be ready for the start of school on 8/22/11.


College Station High School is 56% complete and is on schedule to be completed in June 2012. CSHS will open in August 2012 with 9th and 10th grade students only.


Renovations at A&M Consolidated High School were discussed. Renovations will be made to the main entrance area, the library, special education classrooms and Career and Technology Education classrooms. These renovations are part of the 2009 bond package.


C-7. Consideration, discussion and possible action related to CSISD Staff Development Days and leading indicators

Superintendent Coulson recognized Deputy Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction Greg McIntyre who reported that Wednesday, November 16, 2011 will be an Early Release Day for students and a Staff Development Day for teachers and staff. The staff development will be for campuses to work with student data related to discipline, attendance, and grades. Elementary campuses will dismiss students at 1:20 p.m. All other campuses will dismiss students at noon.



Without objection, President Jochen adjourned the workshop at 7:00 p.m.